KaitlinBrownSo just who is the artist behind Anorel Arts? My name is Kaitlin Brown, though around the internet you may see me as Kait or Anorel. I’m a 24 year-old artist who just graduated and has decided to be self-employed for the time being. I have an associate’s degree in art from Gordon College and a bachelor’s degree in fine art/studio art from Berry College.

I’m currently living in rural Georgia, which doesn’t exactly have the most thriving art market in the world, so most of my business takes place online and at fairs and conventions around the state. I have a great love for fantasy and science fiction, which shows up occasionally in my work, and I also have a background in anime art, another influence that often creeps into some of my non-commissioned portraiture.

Aside from art, I have some experience in child care, and in my spare time I enjoy writing, watching movies and tv, playing video games, and surfing through random childish websites that make me laugh. That pretty much covers everything about me. If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to anorelarts@gmail.com.